Funded Instructor Training

Funded Instructor Training

Driving Instructor courses are available from Belt Up School of Motoring Ltd. With the help of a 19+ government loan we can train you to become a Driving Instructor at no initial cost to yourself!

In order for you to be accepted onto the scheme, you must fulfill certain criteria.

You must be over the age of 21

You must have held a UK driving licence for at least 3 years with no more than 6 points.

You normally live in the Uk and have done for at least the last 185 days

You must not have had 4 government 19+ loans already

If you fit this criteria then we will apply for a government 19+ loan on your behalf to cover the costs of a customer service level 3 qualification.

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Hold the Press

You will ONLY start repaying this loan if your earnings reach £21,000 per year. The repayments come out of your wage slip if on PAYE or out of your end of year tax return if self employed.

Even then, the payments are really small. Just £7.50 per month for a £21,000 salary, then it increases by around £7.50 for each additional £1000 above the £21,000 you go.. So as an example, a salary of £22,000 will repay £15.00 per month, a salary of £23,000 will repay £22.50 per month etc.

If your salary never reaches or falls below £21,000 per year, the repayments FREEZE and sit in your 'account' just increasing by a VERY small percentage which is set at the retail index price interest rate +3%.

So that's how that bit works.. If you wanted some more information on the 19+ loan, you can see it on the government website by clicking HERE.

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How the Course Runs

Enrollment - We will enroll you onto the course by applying for the 19+ Loan Confirmation - After around 10-15 days, we get confirmation of your application and then we apply for your CRB check. We also send you away with some homework for the customer service course.

Completion - When the customer service course is completed (around 12 weeks from starting).

Application - Once you have your CRB check confirmed we will apply for your Instructor personal reference number.

Theory (part 1) - We will book your theory and hazard perception test for which we will supply a PC CD rom for home practice and we will also do a session in the classroom.

Advanced driver training (part 2) - Now that you have completed all of the above, we will book you a practical driving test. You will receive around 10 hours of driver training from our professional instructors.

Test of the ability to instruct (part 3) - You can only do this once you have passed part 2. You will receive 40 hours minimum of practical training towards the preparation for this test.

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What's Required from You

We will fund all your training using the funds we receive from the completion of your customer service course. We only ask that you cover the cost of the 3 tests involved. The cost of those are as follows:        

Part 1 - £81         Part 2 - £111         Part 3 - £111

Pass - Once you have passed it all, you can work with us as a Belt Up Instructor!   

We can, if you want do further funding to help you achieve your HGV licence. This is another story but runs alongside the same kind of criteria.

I hope this explains things.. It is quite complicated so if you need any further clarification, do not hesitate to contact the office on 01761 325012. You can also send Elaine an email at and she will get back to you to book you in for an enrollment.

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Take a look to our home page and you will see that we are the only driving school to teach nationally recognised qualifications AND guarantee your driving test pass. Why not give us a call on 01761 325012 or hit the 'request a call back' button to find out more?

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