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"We challenge you to complete the DRIVE program from Enterprise Solutions (SW) Ltd. Are you ready to take your driving to the next level?"

Dedicated to all post test driver training
Dedicated to all post test driver training

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Driver Reinforcement and In Vehicle Enrichment

The Driver Reinforcement and In Vehicle Enrichment (DRIVE) program from Enterprise Solutions incorporates many techniques used by advanced drivers such as the Police Force. Our trainers are either Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) or Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) trained or both. They not only hold the DVSA Approved Driving Instructor certificate, but are also included on the DVSA register for Fleet Driver Trainers. This is a minimum requirement we seek from our trainers.

By undertaking a DRIVE program, you, the driver will find yourself undergoing one of the most in depth driver training programs available.

You will, once completed, find that your driving technique is such, that you will have affirmed your current skills and knowledge, and also taken those skills and knowledge to a higher level making your driving not only more SAFE, but also more comfortable and ENJOYABLE.

Previous attendees to the DRIVE program have reported fuel savings of up to 10% just from using some simple advanced driving styles.

Driving for work

If you drive for work in a company vehicle or privately owned vehicle, your employer is obliged to manage the risks involved in your work, especially if that work involves driving tasks. By undertaking a DRIVE program, all documents will cover the company for your driving for a TWO year rolling period for any H&S files. As our Enterprise Solutions trainers have trained drivers from the H&S executive office, who better than to serve your company?

Grey Fleet

If you drive your own vehicle for work, this STILL falls into the health and safety model an employer must have in place. People who drive their own vehicle for work purposes must have certain things in place to cover both the driver and employer in case of any claim made to either party. Enterprise Solutions (SW) Ltd are specialists in Grey Fleet Management.

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